DIY Eyelash Growing Serum…a natural recipe

Whipped Green Girl Eyelash Growing SerumOne of the projects I want to work on this summer is to begin to provide to you, our readers and clients, some educational tutorials for natural beauty products.  My goal is to choose recipes that are simple and contain basic ingredients most of us either have or can get easily.  And, of course, recipes and tutorials that do not contain chemicals or questionable ingredients.  M. GRACE and I will try to make as many of these as possible and add our thoughts and experience.Whipped Green Girl Eyelash Growing Serum Tubes

The first recipe I want to highlight is one originally posted by Angie at Whipped Green Girl.  Angie teaches us how to make our own Eyelash Growing Serum.  Now I must be honest…a few years ago I actually purchased the name brand of this product that was at the time celebrity endorsed by the beautiful Brooke Shields.  I remember it being more than the $100 dollars Angie mentions.  While it did work well for the time I used it as soon as I stopped using it my eyelashes went right back to their normal length.  And, while I did enjoy the extra length and darker color of the lashes I did wonder exactly what I was applying to the top of my eyelid.

Whipped Green Girl Pure GRACE Soap ContestWhipped Green Girl has posted a very simple recipe to make this product at home along with practical advice and tips.  I love how she details the benefits of each individual oil and includes a link to purchase the possibly hard to find empty mascara tube.  Check out Whipped Green Girl’s tutorial here.  I have yet to try this recipe but if any of you do I would love to hear about your experience in the comments.

Why you are over there check out the review and contest she is offering in conjunction with us.  You could win a goodie bag of soaps and lip chap!