GRACE’s Team

What started as a two woman show (M. GRACE and her mom Julie) has grown over the last several years.  While we still make everything by hand, in small batches in Terre Haute, Indiana we have grown large enough that we need more hands in the soap kitchen.  You might have the opportunity to meet some of our team at pop up markets, or if you visit the shop you might see their faces or hear us talk about them on social media.  They are like family to us and we are grateful to have the opportunity to work with them and create our products for you and yours.


Child Entrepreneur, Creator of Pure GRACE Soap, Chief Product Tester
Favorite product to make: Cold Process Soap
Favorite product to use: Bath Bombs

JULIEJulie Manson

Mother of M. GRACE, Owner, Soap Maker, Bath and Beauty Product Artist, Chief Decision Maker
Favorite product to make: Bath Truffles
Favorite product to use: Lipchaps

JESSICAJess Murphy

Product Developer, Pop Up Market Shaper,  Navigation Specialist, Chief Timelasp Video Maker
Favorite product to make: Bubble Bars
Favorite product to use: Strawberry Facial Sugar Scrub


Chief Cupcake Maker, Bubbly Bath Bomb Expert, Resident Young Adult, Cat Lover
Favorite product to make: Cupcake Bath Bombs
Favorite product to use: Bath Truffles


Moisturizing Bath Bomb Maker, Front of the Shop Saleswoman, All-Natural Beauty Extraordinaire, Community Do-Gooder
Favorite product to make: Moisturizing Bath Bombs
Favorite product to use: Laundry Detergent


Maker of all Products, Front of the Shop Saleswoman, Organizational Queen, Event Coordinator
Favorite product to make: Plum Wine Lotion Stick
Favorite product to use: Bug BE GONE Lotion Stick