Bath and Body Products – Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Bath Truffles, Sugar Scrubs, Lotion Sticks and Lip Chaps

Pure GRACE Soap Bath BombsOur bath and body products include Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars, Bath Truffles, Sugar Scrubs, Lotion Sticks and Lip Chaps.  Each product is made using a custom blend of skin loving oils and the highest quality ingredients.

Our bath bombs, bubble bars and bath truffles allow you to take a moment for yourself and enjoy a long relaxing bath. They give your skin a moisturizing treat while the scent relaxes your cares and stresses away. Trust us these are not your average bath tub products,  we pack ours full of the best butters and oils available, you will not be disappointed!Pure GRACE Soap Sugar Scrubs

Sugar scrub is the most natural way to soften, exfoliate and to freshen up the skin. Sugars fine texture gently exfoliates the skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog the pores. Skin loving oils provide the moisturizing properties that prevents the skin from drying.  Our custom recipes use only organic cane sugar and our recommendation for the driest of skin.

Pure GRACE Soap Lotion StickOur lotion sticks are very special. Never gummy, runny or gloppy our lotion sticks glide on your skin without needing to be rubbed in. The scent will stay with you throughout the day. Our all natural lotion sticks will moisturize for hours and are available in several pleasant scents as well as a bug repellent (and yes it actually works!).  Convenient enough to throw in the car, purse or diaper bag these sticks contain a custom blend of sweet almond oil and organic coconut oil, we also add ingredients such as shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter and vitamin E depending on the formula.  Especially beneficial for dry and cracked hands, elbows, knees and feet.

Our lip chaps are the product that started the need for Pure GRACE Soap.  When M. GRACE was having trouble with her lips chapping we developed this lip chap and all her problems went away – quickly and naturally.  We are happy it has benefited many of our customers lips – chapped and not.  Available in several different formulas and scents.