Laundry Products – Detergents and Wool Dryer Balls

Pure GRACE Soap WasherOur laundry products include Laundry Detergents and Wool Dryer Balls.  We customize these products using essential oils, fragrance oils and only the highest quality ingredients.  There are no chemicals in any of our products and you can feel secure using them.

Natural laundry detergents are traditionally more effective at cleaning than conventional detergents because the plant based ingredients work harder than the chemical concoctions.  Plus they are much gentler on your skin and the air.  Our laundry detergent is concentrated and therefore takes only ONE TABLESPOON per load.  The small glass container will last approximately 15 loads while the larger bagged refill package will last 30 plus loads.

Pure GRACE Soap Wool Dryer Balls


The wool dryer balls are one of our most popular items.  They eliminate the need for dryer sheets and fabric softener by removing the static from your load of laundry.  In addition to that they will help the clothes dry quicker which uses less electricity.  Our customers report as much as a 25% decrease in drying time when using the maximum 6 balls per load.  The balls are 100% wool, to the core, made by hand and wet felted so they will not unravel.  The colors from the balls will not transfer onto your clothes and the balls themselves will last for many years even with daily usage.  We sell them unscented but can advise you how to scent them if you like.  They are available in neutral colors as well as brights.  We recommend using 6 for the most energy efficiency but using as little as just one will dramatically help your laundry.