Soaps – Feminine, Masculine, Facial and Shampoo Bars

Our handmade soaps are what started it all.  We soap with both essential oils and fragrance oils and use only the highest quality oils and butters.  Soaps are available as both water based and goats milk based.  Several of the soaps are available with exfoliants such as oats, cornmeal, tea and coffee.  We use natural clay colorant in place of synthetic colorant.  Each bar is hand cut and cured for a minimum of 6 weeks which makes for a long lasting bar of soap.

Pure GRACE Soap Assorted SoapsWe recommend storing them away from water when not in use, such as in a soap dish.  Soaps will range in size and weight based on ingredients.  Soap is suitable for body, face and hands.  Keep it in the shower or by your sink.  Many people find the skin loving oils to be enough moisture that they no longer need lotion.  Goats milk soap is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin or skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis.

We carry a wide variety of feminine smelling soaps, masculine smelling soaps and soaps that could be considered either.  We soap using both the cold process and hot process method.  The hot process method produces a more rustic looking soap while the cold process method produces a smoother bar.  All soaps are individually labeled and wrapped.