Giveaway Time…

This giveaway is now closed but follow our Facebook and Twitter pages to never miss another one!

DSCN1265We love giveaways and so do our clients!  It had been awhile since our last one and with Spring just around the corner it was time for a new one.  This giveaway was an easy, fun one.  We tweeted and posted for our customers to respond back telling us what their favorite warm weather activity was.

We had lots of good entries and many made us want to run outside and do them right then.  Teri  Laney Swofford was chosen by random draw as the winner of this giveaway.  She told us she was looking forward to “laying on a float with a margarita” – we couldn’t agree more.

Teri won a set of 3 strawberry bath bombs and a set of 3 assorted lip chaps.  Watch for our next giveaway soon.

New Branding with Labels…

New labels frontIt seems like we have been working on our new branding and product labels forever, but its really been only a couple of months.  When we first launched Pure GRACE Soap we quickly developed a brand and look we liked, it worked well for us for a year until we were ready to add a more professional appearance.  We are lucky to live and work in a college town where there is  no shortage of talented artists.  We quickly found a wonderful local graphic artist who is about to graduate college with her degree and was more than happy to help us with our project.  We like to support local and small business just as you support us!!Orange Almond 1

Initially we knew what type of function we needed for the product labels and had some ideas of what we liked and what we wanted to keep from the old label but did not have a true design in mind.  Our graphic artist was able to present a few different ideas which we have massaged and worked over until we arrived at where we are now.

New labels backIt has been great seeing the design evolve.  M. GRACE and I both really like the new, clean, simple look and we hope our clients will too.  We have been releasing “sneak peek” looks at the labels as they are being finished on our Facebook page.

The new labels include stickers for the lip chaps, lotions, bath bombs, sugar scrubs, laundry detergents and deodorants.  All of the soaps will have a new round double sided paper label attached with pretty colored butchers twine.  The bags which are now available in two sizes have had a makeover and we have new little “enjoy” stickers which will be included on our shipped orders.  Even our wool dryer balls have a new look with special business cards which explain how to use them.  Perhaps our most exciting design element, however, is going to be part of the men’s line.  Watch for a new more masculine bird to roost on all of the men’s line products.  Look for the entire line of products to get their new labels in May.  Until then let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below.

The beginning of the Strawberry and Green Tea Facial Sugar Scrubs….

DSCN1790Our soaps and other products are all made with custom recipes.  We do a lot of testing to finally get the recipe just right.  Many of our ideas come from our clients.  They will ask for something in particular to help with their skin or a scent they like and we take it from there which is exactly how our new facial sugar scrubs were born.

Earlier in the year we had developed and released a Strawberry Body Sugar Scrub.  It was released in both our online store and our local Farmers Market.  At the time of release we were announcing it on our Facebook page detailing the benefits of strawberries to the skin.  Strawberries are extremely beneficial for the skin for many reasons including being an excellent skin cleaner, improving complexion, helping to tone skin and providing protection from UV light. They also exhibit fantastic anti aging properties, they help with the treatment of acne, diminish under-eye puffiness and help to repair damaged skin.DSCN1778

A customer contact us via our online store and he wanted to know would it be possible to use this body scrub on his face.  We recommended we would not since the texture of the organic sugar was too rough for the somewhat sensitive and fragile facial tissue and skin.  He told us he really wanted to take advantage of the benefits the strawberries had to offer but on his face.  We offered to create a custom scrub for him that was made with a finer texture of sugar and after some testing with friends and clients shipped it out to him.  He loved it!  While this was going on a couple of clients heard about the facial version of this scrub and started making purchases immediately, they wanted the benefits too!  We are happy to announce the Strawberry Facial Sugar Scrub is now a permanent scrub in our product line.

DSCN1786We already had an idea in our head to create a Green Tea Facial Sugar Scrub and it seemed to pair well with our new Strawberry Facial Sugar Scrub.  Green Tea has some wonderful skin benefits also including excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is thought to very likely slow down the signs of aging. Research studies think it is possible that green tea provides protection from skin cancer and can help reduce sun damage. We include both organic green tea from tea bags and organic matcha green tea powder which is a premium green tea powder from Japan used for drinking in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years in our scrubs.

Sugar scrub is the most natural way to soften, exfoliate and to freshen up the skin. Sugars fine texture gently exfoliates the skin without leaving harmful residue that can clog the pores. Skin loving oils provide the moisturizing properties that prevents the skin from drying. Our custom recipes use only organic cane sugar and are our recommendation for the driest of skin.  If you haven’t had a chance to try out our new line of facial sugar scrubs look for us at an upcoming Farmers Market or Area Craftshow, where we will be demo’ing them.  If you have an idea for a product you would like to try drop us a line at

Show us your Pure GRACE Soap in Action…

We ran a fun giveaway this week on our Facebook page.  We asked all of you to show us your Pure GRACE Soap in action.  We asked everyone to choose a setting which would appeal to M. GRACE and show us your soap having fun.  We didn’t care if it had already been used or was brand new. We suggested you might want to make your soap read a book or dress up in a Halloween costume.  The funnier and more imaginative pictures, the better.

We had some very creative entries and it was very hard for M. GRACE to pick one winner.  So we didn’t.  We picked two!

The first place winner was from our customer Meghan Salinas.  She and her daughter worked on this setup together and M. GRACE loved it!  Meghan and her daughter won twenty dollars worth of product of their choice.  Her caption reads: “Oh, no!  Splinter wanted to steal E’s favorite Pure Grace plum wine soap!  Thanks goodness Leonardo held him off while the other ninja turtles rescued the soap so that E can bathe tonight!”Meghan  Salinas

The second winning photo came from Haley Scholz with the help of her gorgeous fur babies.  M.GRACE loves animals.  Haley won a bar of soap of her choice.  Her caption read: “Ughhhh mom we don’t want a bath unless it’s with your fancy soap…”Haley Scholtz

Thanks to everyone who participated and please watch for our next giveaway.
This giveaway is now closed.